In DSM-II, this category is called Alcoholic psychoses

Alcoholic psychoses are psychoses caused by poisoning with alcohol. When a pre-existing psychotic, psychoneurotic or other disorder is aggravated by modest alcohol intake, the underlying condition, not the alcoholic psychosis, is diagnosed.

Simple drunkenness, when not specified as psychotic, is classified under Non-psychotic OBS with alcohol.


  1. Delirium tremens
  2. Korsakov's psychosis (alcoholic)
  3. Other alcoholic hallucinosis
  4. Alcohol paranoid state (Alcoholic paranoia)
  5. Acute alcohol intoxication
  6. Alcoholic deterioration
  7. Pathological intoxication
  8. Other [and unspecified] alcoholic psychosis


In DSM-III, this category is called Alcohol Organic Mental Disorders


  1. Alcohol Intoxication
  2. Alcohol Idiosyncratic Intoxication
  3. Alcohol Withdrawal
  4. Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium
  5. Alcohol Hallucinosis
  6. Alcohol Amnestic Disorder
  7. Dementia Associated with Alcoholism



  1. Alcohol Intoxication
  2. Alcohol Withdrawal
  3. Other Alcohol-Induced Disorders


See Alcohol-Related Disorders

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