In DSM-II, this disorder is called Delirium tremens

This is a variety of acute brain syndrome characterized by delirium, coarse tremors, and frightening visual hallucinations usually becoming more intense in the dark. Because it was first identified in alcoholics and until recently was thought always to be due to alcohol ingestion, the term is restricted to the syndrome associated with alcohol. It is distinguished from Other alcohol hallucinosis by the tremors and the disordered sensorium. When this clinical picture is due to a nutritional deficiency rather than to alcohol poisoning, it is classified under Psychosis associated with metabolic or nutritional disorder.


For more information, see Delirium

Diagnostic Criteria

A. Delirium occurs within one week after cessation of or reduction in heavy alcohol ingestion.

B. Autonomic hyperactivity, e.g., tachycardia, sweating, elevated blood pressure.

C. Not due to any other physical or mental disorder.


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