In DSM-II, this disorder is called Alcoholic deterioration

All varieties of chronic brain syndromes of psychotic proportion caused by alcohol and not having the characteristic features of Korsakov's psychosis are included here.


For more information, see Dementia

Diagnostic Criteria

A. Dementia following prolonged, heavy ingestion of alcohol.

B. Dementia persisting at least three weeks after cessation of alcohol ingestion.

C. Exclusion of all other causes of Dementia, other than prolonged, heavy use of alcohol, by the history, physical examination, and laboratory tests.

Severity Criteria

  • Mild: No more than mild impairment in social and occupational functioning.
  • Moderate: Moderate social impairment with inability to function occupationally.
  • Severe: Severe impairment of functioning with marked deterioration of personality (irritability, social inappropriateness) and inability to function independently.
  • Unspecified

Differential Diagnosis

Alcohol Amnestic Disorder

Dementia Associated with Alcoholism is distinguished from Alcohol Amnestic Disorder by the presence of cognitive deficits other than in the sphere of memory alone.

Other causes of Dementia

It is distinguished from other causes of Dementia by the failure to demonstrate a specific etiology other than alcohol abuse.


See Substance-Induced Persisting Dementia

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