For more information, see Organic Affective Syndrome

Diagnostic Criteria

A. Recent use of a hallucinogen.

B. Development of an Organic Affective Syndrome that persists beyond 24 hours after cessation of hallucinogen use.

C. Absence of delusions.

D. Not due to any other physical or mental disorder, such as pre-existing Affective Disorder.

Differential Diagnosis

Affective Disorders

An individual with a preexisting Affective Disorder may take an hallucinogen to elevate his or her mood and then become more depressed. In such cases it may be difficult or impossible to determine if the increased disturbance in mood is due to Hallucinogen Affective Disorder or is merely an exacerbation of the Affective Disorder.

Hallucinogen Delusional Disorder

Hallucinogen Delusional Disorder may also be accompanied by marked affective changes. This diagnosis preempts a diagnosis of Hallucinogen Affective Disorder.


See Substance-Induced Mood Disorder

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