In DSM-III, this category is called Disorders Usually First Evident In Infancy, Childhood, Or Adolescence


Mental Retardation

Attention Deficit Disorder

Conduct Disorder

  1. Conduct Disorder, Undersocialized, Aggressive
  2. Conduct Disorder, Undersocialized, Nonaggressive
  3. Conduct Disorder, Socialized, Aggressive
  4. Conduct Disorder, Socialized, Nonaggressive
  5. Atypical Conduct Disorder

Anxiety Disorders of Childhood or Adolescence

  1. Separation Anxiety Disorder
  2. Avoidant Disorder of Childhood or Adolescence
  3. Overanxious Disorder

Other Disorders of Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence

  1. Reactive Attachment Disorder of Infancy
  2. Schizoid Disorder of Childhood or Adolescence
  3. Elective Mutism
  4. Oppositional Disorder
  5. Identity Disorder

Eating Disorders

  1. Anorexia Nervosa
  2. Bulimia
  3. Pica
  4. Rumination Disorder of Infancy
  5. Atypical Eating Disorder

Stereotyped Movement Disorders

  1. Transient Tic Disorder
  2. Chronic Motor Tic Disorder
  3. Tourette's Disorder
  4. Atypical Tic Disorder
  5. Atypical Stereotyped Movement Disorder

Other Disorders with Physical Manifestations

  1. Stuttering
  2. Functional Enuresis
  3. Functional Encopresis
  4. Sleepwalking Disorder
  5. Sleep Terror Disorder

Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  1. Infantile Autism
  2. Childhood Onset Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  3. Atypical Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Specific Developmental Disorders

  1. Developmental Reading Disorder
  2. Developmental Arithmetic Disorder
  3. Developmental Language Disorder
    1. Developmental Language Disorder, Expressive Type
    2. Developmental Language Disorder, Receptive Type
  4. Developmental Articulation Disorder
  5. Mixed Specific Developmental Disorder
  6. Atypical Specific Developmental Disorder


In DSM-IV, this category is called Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence


Mental Retardation

Learning Disorders

  1. Reading Disorder
  2. Mathematics Disorder
  3. Disorder of Written Expression
  4. Learning Disorder NOS

Motor Skills Disorder

  1. Developmental Coordination Disorder

Communication Disorders

  1. Expressive Language Disorder
  2. Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder
  3. Phonological Disorder
  4. Stuttering
  5. Communication Disorder NOS

Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  1. Autistic Disorder
  2. Rett's Disorder
  3. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
  4. Asperger's Disorder
  5. Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS

Attention-Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders

  1. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder NOS
  3. Conduct Disorder
  4. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  5. Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS

Feeding and Eating Disorders of Infancy or Early Childhood

  1. Pica
  2. Rumination Disorder
  3. Feeding Disorder of Infancy or Early Childhood

Tic Disorders

  1. Tourette's Disorder
  2. Chronic Motor or Vocal Tic Disorder
  3. Transient Tic Disorder
  4. Tic Disorder NOS

Elimination Disorders

  1. Encopresis
  2. Enuresis (Not Due to a General Medical Condition)

Other Disorders of Infancy Early Childhood, or Adolescence

  1. Separation Anxiety Disorder
  2. Selective Mutism
  3. Reactive Attachment Disorder of Infancy or Early Childhood
  4. Stereotypic Movement Disorder

Disorder of Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence NOS



Intellectual Disabilities

  1. Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder)
  2. Global Developmental Delay
  3. Unspecified Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder)

Communication Disorders

  1. Language Disorder
  2. Speech Sound Disorder
  3. Childhood-Onset Fluency Disorder (Stuttering)
  4. Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder
  5. Unspecified Communication Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

  1. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Other Specified Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  3. Unspecified Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Specific Learning Disorder

Motor Disorders

  1. Developmental Coordination Disorder
  2. Stereotypic Movement Disorder

Tic Disorders

  1. Tic Disorders
  2. Other Specified Tic Disorder
  3. Unspecified Tic Disorder

Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  1. Other Specified Neurodevelopmental Disorder
  2. Unspecified Neurodevelopmental Disorder
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