This extremely rare condition is characterized by gradual development of in intricate, complex, and elaborate paranoid system based on and often proceeding logically from misinterpretation of an actual event. Frequently the patient considers himself endowed with unique and superior ability. In spite of a chronic course the condition does not seem to interfere with the rest of the patient's thinking and personality.


For more information, see Paranoid Disorders

The essential feature is the insidious development of a Paranoid Disorder with a permanent and unshakable delusional system accompanied by preservation of clear and orderly thinking. Frequently the individual considers himself or herself endowed with unique and superior abilities. Chronic forms of "conjugal paranoia" and Involutional Paranoid State should be classified here.

Diagnostic Criteria

A. Meets the criteria for Paranoid Disorder.

B. A chronic and stable persecutory delusional system of at least six months' duration.

C. Does not meet the criteria for Shared Paranoid Disorder.


See Delusional Disorder

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