In DSM-III, this category is called Psychosexual Disorder Not Elsewhere Classified

This is a residual category for disorders whose chief manifestations are psychological disturbances related to sexuality not covered by any of the other specific categories in the diagnostic class of Psychosexual Disorders. In rare instances this category may be used concurrently with one of the specific diagnoses when both diagnoses are necessary to explain or describe the clinical disturbance.

Examples include the following:

  1. marked feelings of inadequacy related to self-imposed standards of masculinity or femininity, such as body habitus, size and shape of sex organs, or sexual performance;
  2. impaired pleasure during the normal physiological pelvic responses of orgasm;
  3. distress about a pattern of repeated sexual conquests with a succession of individuals who exist as things to be used (Don Juanism and nymphomania);
  4. confusion about preferred sexual orientation.


This category is included for recording a sexual disturbance that does not meet the criteria for any specific Sexual Disorder and is neither a Sexual Dysfunction nor a Paraphilia. Examples include:

  1. Marked feelings of inadequacy concerning sexual performing or other traits related to self-imposed standards of masculinity or femininity
  2. Distress about a pattern of repeated sexual relationships involving a succession of lovers who are experienced by the individual only as things to be used
  3. Persistent and marked distress about sexual orientation


See Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction and Unspecified Paraphilic Disorder

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