In DSM-III, this category is called Psychosexual Disorders


Gender Identity Disorders

  1. Transsexualism
  2. Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood
  3. Atypical Gender Identity Disorder


  1. Fetishism
  2. Transvestism
  3. Zoophilia
  4. Pedophilia
  5. Exhibitionism
  6. Voyeurism
  7. Sexual Masochism
  8. Sexual Sadism
  9. Atypical Paraphilia

Psychosexual Dysfunctions

  1. Inhibited Sexual Desire
  2. Inhibited Sexual Excitement
  3. Inhibited Female Orgasm
  4. Inhibited Male Orgasm
  5. Premature Ejaculation
  6. Functional Dyspareunia
  7. Functional Vaginismus
  8. Atypical Psychosexual Dysfunction

Other Psychosexual Disorders

  1. Ego-dystonic Homosexuality
  2. Psychosexual Disorder Not Elsewhere Classified



Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual Desire Disorders

  1. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
  2. Sexual Aversion Disorder

Sexual Arousal Disorders

  1. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
  2. Male Erectile Disorder

Orgasmic Disorders

  1. Female Orgasmic Disorder
  2. Male Orgasmic Disorder
  3. Premature Ejaculation

Sexual Pain Disorders

  1. Dyspareunia (Not Due to a General Medical Condition)
  2. Vaginismus (Not Due to a General Medical Condition)

Sexual Dysfunction Due to a General Medical Condition

Substance-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction NOS


  1. Exhibitionism
  2. Fetishism
  3. Frotteurism
  4. Pedophilia
  5. Sexual Masochism
  6. Sexual Sadism
  7. Transvestic Fetishism
  8. Voyeurism
  9. Paraphilia NOS

Gender Identity Disorders

  1. Gender Identity Disorder
  2. Gender Identity Disorder NOS

Sexual Disorder NOS


In DSM-5, this category is split into Sexual Dysfunctions, Paraphilic Disorders, and Gender Dysphoria

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